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EAP&E Healthcare Business Profile




EAP&E Healthcare has been set up as a division of EAP&E (U) Ltd specifically to deal with the procurement and distribution of medical equipment, medical diagnostic supplies, medicines and drugs as well as the IT/Telecom infrastructure needed for healthcare service delivery.  The initial focus will be the East Africa region but eventually we hope to be engaged throughout Africa.  EAP&E Healthcare plans to work as partnership of several stakeholder companies  that include  UCOVU- an NGO currently involved in supporting HIV/AIDS infected women and children in Uganda,  and EAP&E, a Science and Technology Infrastructure company registered in Uganda to provide a diversity of innovative technology services and solutions.  The operating company, EAP&E Healthcare, is therefore, appropriately Ugandan.


The mission of EAP&E Healthcare is the efficient and affordable procurement and distribution of medical technology solutions such as hospital and clinical equipment, high quality diagnostic test kits and medical supplies to the public healthcare delivery system.


 The EAP&E Healthcare management is highly experienced in business in both North America and in Africa. The leadership includes: 

  • Hon. Eng. David Mureeba (Chairman) who is the Honorary Consul General for Uganda based in Dallas. He is a businessman with extensive interests globally but most importantly in the USA, Uganda and East Africa. He is an accomplished Engineer and the President /CEO of Global Electro-Comm. International, Inc., GECII,   an IT/Telecom Solutions Company based in Dallas, USA. He has over 30 years of business, entrepreneurship and management experience.
  • Dr.  Joe Osei (Director) Is a Physician Executive and owner of Excel Occupational Medicine a leading provider of medical care related to work place injuries.  He has over 20 years of global business.
  • Dr. Enid Mbabazi Mugisha (Director) is an in-Country Director. Enid is a practicing medical doctor who also runs a healthcare NGO in Uganda. Dr. Enid Mbabazi has extensive background in business, NGO operations and public health with over 20 years experience.
  • Ms Barbara Asiimwe, MBA, (Director) is also in-country Director. She has extensive business background of over 20 years in operations, procurement, logistics and marketing both in Uganda and East Africa.

Business Model

EAP&E Healthcare is working with medical clients and governments in East Africa. The company’s long-term interest is to partner with leading edge global manufacturers and distributors to become their strategic agents and/or distributors throughout our target region of East Africa initially and expand throughout the continent eventually. The business model will be to respond to long term tenders and/or negotiate exclusive supply contracts in all areas of interest

EAP&E Healthcare continuously adds products to its catalog and to reflect the latest changes in technology as well as trends in prices and availability. All our products carry international certifications such as FDA, WHO or ISO.