East Africa Power & Energy, (U), Ltd.

About Us

The East Africa Power & Energy, Uganda, Ltd. (“EAP&E”), is a start-up
company that has been organized for the purposes of launching a Bio Diesel,
Bio-Energy and Bio-Chemical industry in Uganda based on a extensive commercial
Jatropha farming initiative that employs over 50,000 poor rural farmers and
covers over 500,000 acres of production throughout Uganda.


After reviewing several oil seed plants, including corn, soy, rapeseed oil, palm oil,
and micro algae, EAP&E determined that Jatropha was the most ideal plant
for the prevailing environment in Uganda. The actual growing of the Jatropha
crop will be done by rural farmers scattered all over Uganda and brought
together under the umbrella of this Jatropha Uganda Growers Initiative.

EAP&E has authored the initiative and will coordinate its implementation and, in so
doing, shall establish a national Biodiesel, Bio-Energy and Bio-chemical
industry in Uganda which will concurrently empower rural farming communities
with a new source of income and thus significantly reduce poverty.

EAP&E is an independent Uganda based corporation licensed by the Uganda Government
through the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). EAP&E has put in place an
international Board of Directors and a professional team of subject matter
expertise for the purpose of overseeing the total operations of this project.
As time goes by it may be necessary that East Africa Power & Energy, (U),
Ltd be registered in the United States and any other country as needed.


This project is the first of its kind in East Africa and the first such major
program that combines a humanitarian effort with development of a large scale
commercial bio-fuel project, based on a Jatropha that empowers more than 25,000
rural farmers while creating over 50,000 new farm sector jobs nationally.

Additionally, the program will also create over 1,000 professional operations
and managerial jobs will be created when the Refinery and power Generation
facilities are complete. Simultaneously, the project is a green initiative that
produces virtually emission free fuel in a developing country that has been
classified by the United Nations as a poor nation.


EAP&E’s planned Refinery will the first major biodiesel refinery on the continent and
the world’s largest biodiesel refinery using non-edible seed. The biodiesel
produced displaces hundreds of millions of liters of petroleum diesel currently
being imported in Uganda, while eliminating millions of pounds of pollution and
particulate matter every year and will become the basis for the new B20 diesel
fuel for East Africa.


The balance of the biodiesel not used for B20 will be used to generate electricity
by fueling a series of 100 megawatt steam generation electric power plants tied
to the national grid through a power purchase agreement (PPA). EAP&E plans
to use the glycerin bi-product as a feedstock for a propylene glycol (PG) plant
that will produce the much needed products in the lucrative bio-medical and
bio-chemical markets

The EAP&E program is scalable, modular and very profitable. This program will
more than assure that the Government of Uganda meets its UN Poverty Eradication
and Environmental Sustainability Millennium Development Goals.